At last my Atrahasis eBook has been published.  It seemed to have taken 3 life times to get it sorted.  Anyway, it can be downloaded from a smorgasbord of websites as an eBook (just put “The Atrahasis Deciphered” into Google) the printed version will also soon be available.  It’s available as an eBook for a nominal fee of about the same price as a cup of coffee and the printed version will be a little more, but still as cheap as I can get away with.  It’s my first effort so I deliberately made it less than a 100 pages and it’s designed to be be easy reading .  The book is written with the footnotes playing an important part to the story, so make sure you read them as well.  The time to read the book should be under 2 hours.  Anyway, if you want to read it online you can on this site, just click the “The Atrahasis Deciphered” pull-down on the title banner above and start reading it in 5x easily digestible small segments, starting with the Introduction.  BTW, it’s the “whole” book, so there’s no “Buy Me Now” surprises near the end 🙂