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A Theory on Prehistoric Humans

I’ve always been both fascinated and baffled by the sudden emergence of modern humans on the planet around 200,000 years ago, especially with the many so-called “missing links” that don’t seem to exist, that are also supposed to connect all the dots. Was it evolution, or was it a biblical god that created us from clay, or was it something else? Over the past couple of years I’ve dived into the Zecharia Sitchin books and even though I don’t fully subscribe to all of his ideas, theories and translations, he does make a lot of good points with various proofs and factual data to back them up in most cases. So I can’t really dismiss the bloke completely. The Sumerians offered the earliest writings which we can translate (older writings do exist but haven’t yet been deciphered). While many dismiss the Sumerian stories as myth or fiction when you think logically about them, why would anyone from our distant past take the time and effort to carefully duplicate these writings and preserve them if there wasn’t some sort of truth in them?

There are many questions about how us humans came about left unanswered. One that has many scratching their heads is, if humans are seen as primates with the chimpanzee being our closest cousin and we’re said to share 98.4% of our DNA with them. How come we have 46 chromosomes (or 23 base pairs) and chimpanzees have 48 chromosomes (24 base pairs)? The question gets even more complexed when you add the fact that the chromosome 2 of humans has obvious signs of being tampered with. It’s easy to see that once upon a time our ancient ancestors were obviously 48 chromosome primates. Somehow, chromosome 2 & 3 (called 2p & 2q in the second chimpanzee chromosome 2 illustration) were fused together which I see as the biggest game-changer, ever!

Human & Chimp Chromosomes

The picture above illustrates the chromosomes of humans (H) with the 2 & 3 of a chimps (C) placed next to the human’s single chromosome 2. This demonstrates where the fusion took place. What’s also notable is the difference in the size the Y chromosome of humans compared to that of a chimps, while the X chromosome of both seems to be more or less identical.

Human Chromosome 2 & Chimpanzee Chromosomes 2p+2q

Again above you can see a blow-up of the area where a primates chromosomes were obviously once bonded together to make the new single 2 chromosome found in humans (the chimps chromosome 2 & 3 identified as 2p & 2q in the illustration). This would have dropped our chromosome count down to 46 from 48 to obviously help compatibility with another 46 chromosome being or creature.


















What the heck happened 200,000 years ago that suddenly made our ancestors jump backwards to only 23 base pairs of chromosomes from 24, and why? Not only that, how did it happen, who did it and for what reason? It’s interesting to know that this is also the only place in nature as far as I know where this is known to occur. The answer to these questions seems to be recorded in ancient cuneiform texts of the Sumerians as translated by Zecharia Sitchin. While many seemed to dismiss much of what Sitchin wrote about this adaption of primates into humans as pseudoscience, I think Sitchin does make some good points. The modification of an already existing primate species to make it compatible with another species (being 46 chromosome humanoids) seemed to be a logical move for them. Basically, as was written by the Sumerians, they put their mark on the Adam, or, as in the biblical Genesis, the made him in their image. The reason? To create a slave-species to deal with the laborious tasks that they would have otherwise have had to do mining the gold. The only annoyance I can envisage these creators having with this new genetically tampered race, was the temptation to continue to breed with the off-spring of this new species and then in turn with the off-spring of the off-spring. Effectively, slowly adding more and more of their own DNA and slowly breeding out the original creation of the primate slave qualities needed. Hence the obvious huge evolutionary jumps in human design over the many thousands of years. I personally think that there’s been much more meddling in our history in addition to this.

There are many other questions about our planet’s history that adds to the mystery of these visiting ancient astronauts, commonly known as the Anunnaki. The “Cambrian Explosion” is by far one of the weirdest I reckon. In the early days of our planet’s life nothing much seemed to have happened for many billions of years, then all of a sudden 500 million years or so ago, Wham!  Nearly everything appears in one shot, different plants, complexed animals, new types of bacteria, etc..  It was like someone emptied a zoo over the Earth, complete with a full nursery of plants.


Cambrian Sea. This is what is thought to have appeared all at once around 500 million years ago after the Earth had been sitting more or less dormant for billions of years prior to this.

In his book “Intervention Theory Essentials” Lloyd Pye goes into extreme detail demonstrating that not only was the Cambrian period an extreme mystery, but so was the sudden appearance of humans which can only be due to some sort of intervention from an outside source. The book is an easy, enjoyable and quick read and I fully recommend you track it down have a read of it.

Humans in the extreme distant past mystery

Currently, I’m reading Michael Cremo & Richard Thompson’s book “Forbidden Archaeology : The Hidden History of the Human Race”. While the first section of the book didn’t really convince me that there were humans or evidence of past civilisations before 200,000 years ago. I couldn’t deny that after reading some of the backed up factual data they presented in the rest of the book that there seems to be a deliberate move by the system to steer us away from these evidences presented and that there was also something amiss with what we’re been taught at school. Cremo & Thompson present various facts that over the centuries skeletons of modern homo sapiens and various other man-made artefacts have been dug up from sometimes 50 meters or more, encased in clay and soil dated to be in some instances, millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years old, usually uncovered quite by accident. In some cases, skeletons of modern humans have been found in extremely ancient levels and not only when the dinosaurs supposingly roamed the Earth, but even before then! By all that we’ve been taught this is considered an impossibility. How can modern humans have existed in the time of the dinosaur or before? Based on the age of the Earth, humans (especially modern humans) are a very, very recent addition. Yet, there are dinosaur tracks uncovered in areas around the world with human prints made right next to them.

The Ica stones are yet another mystery. According to the story, the Ica stones have been found in the Ica region in Peru for many years and have been randomly dug up in fields, found in streams and even the Spanish spoke about them when they invaded the area hundreds of years ago. However, the largest collection was found by a peasant farmer when the Ica river rose and flooded, taking the side off a mountain revealing a cave where the farmer reportedly found nearly 15,000 more of the peculiar stones. Some of the images on the farmer’s stones had engraved images of dinosaurs, complexed surgery being performed and humans riding and battling dinosaurs.  One had the image of the famous Nazca monkey found on the Nazca plains. The stones were examined by a German laboratory and the natural patina (which is the microscopic skin that forms around a rock over thousands and millions of years) on the stones and in the markings were seen as extremely ancient and they were proclaimed indeed as genuine. It was only when the BBC showed interest in them and aired a special on the stones that the Peruvian government jumped into action. Till then, the farmer had refused to reveal where the cave of the stones was.  To avoid being arrested the farmer announced that he’d personally carved all 15,000 of the stones he’d had and the stones were immediately then seen as an elaborate hoax and the whole incident was dropped. Yet, the stones were rechecked again and were authenticated once again as being genuine and extremely old.  However, with the admittance of the peasant farmer the stones were never really taken serious again and even today still referred to as an elaborate hoax.  Basic maths and logic meant that the farmer had to make one of these stones every day for over 40 years to reach the 15,000 that he’d presented. Also, the question of generating the ancient patina on the rock-hard andesite stones and also in the grooves was impossible. So how did a peasant farmer with no education manage to do this? No one really questioned this as it was already established by the media that the stones were a hoax

Ica Stones 3 - Assorted Dinosaurs

One of the Ica Stones that clearly shows a few of the various dinosaurs that are thought to have become extinct 60 million years ago.

Ica Stones 7 - Stegasaurus Eating Plant

A clear depiction of what resembles a type of stegosaurus chewing away on some vegetation.






Ica Stones 5 - War between Dinosurs & Humans

This stone seems to indicate that there was a battle between the humans and the dinosaurs with the image showing a human decapitating a brontosaurus while in turn being attacked from the back by another tyrannosaurus type dinosaur.


This is an interesting Ica stone (on the left). There are many types of line drawings carved on it, however, the one that stands out is the representation of the monkey which seems to be similar to the monkey image created on the Nazca plains in Peru (on the right). The other line drawings may have also once been on the Nazca plains once.

The thought that humans of today existed thousands or millions of years ago doesn’t really make sense when today’s logic is applied.  I therefore pose another possibility which bizarre as it sounds may actually be the reason of humans in the distant past, that is, if all these human skeletons and artefacts are indeed genuine. My thought is the possibility of time travel being performed in the not so distant future by future humans. Now before you shake your head in disgust, close your laptops lid and decide to rather go do some gardening, hear me out J. As science fiction as this may sound, it may be the reason that anatomically modern human remains and evidence of, are being unearthed.  Think of it…  Us humans?  Why not squirrels, domestic cats or other animals?  Lots of reasons… Read on…

Human technological evolution and possibilities in the near future.

It’s difficult to imagine the world in, say, 500 years time, or, a thousand years.  I can foresee technological advancements in the future being way ahead of what we can even dream about. It wasn’t that long ago that humans developed radio, figured out how electricity works, walked on the moon and developed complexed computers that seem to be now designing their own replacements. How would you explain to someone a hundred years ago how your latest smart phone works?  I’d say that with the way technological breakthroughs are being developed and come to fruition, it’s not too difficult to presume that not only will we be able to travel at crazy speeds across the Universe by bending time-space, through worm holes or with quantum entanglement, etc. But we’ll also have full understanding of gravity, magnetism, quantum mechanics, the movement of time and be able to control all of it.

Using time travel to access the distant past may be a way used to help control future population growth, continue our species in a known and safe environment, return to our roots as a new-age hippy in a back-to-basics manner if so chosen, or even used as a humane way (okay, maybe not) of dealing with violent criminals.  Who knows?

What may seem impossible today, may be tomorrows reality.  There may be a reason why the much reported Pleiadians, Sirians and many of the other reported aliens species look like us and have been reported to be genetically compatible with us for breeding.  It may be that they’re actually human from human stock that migrated to the stars millions of years ago, originally from our future.  The possibilities are endless.

With all this in mind and returning to the Anunnaki that created us, we may eventually find out that we’ve done a full paradoxical circle and then discover that it was us that also created the Annunaki in “their” distant past.





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