I have to admit, I haven’t been as active on this site as I intended to be.  This year I plan to remedy this by adding some new articles on my observations and opinion on mainly ancient origins and myths.  Coming up soon is a book I’ve been writing on the ancient Cuneiform translations of the Atrahasis tablets.  The Atrahasis story explains how the ancient gods of old fabricated humans to take over the laborious tasks of mining and digging canals after a labor revolt of their workers.  The story continues to then focus on a king by the name of Atrahasis and his struggle to survive and help his people when one of the controlling gods by the name of Enlil attempts to eliminate the human race.  Atrahasis is helped by one of the creator gods and brother to Enlil by the name of Enki as various methods are used by Enlil to try erase humans from the planet.  The Atrahasis story ends with a dramatic flood similar to the story of Noah in Genesis with an interesting conclusion.  The  Atrahasis epic dates back to around 1,200 years before the Noah’s ark incident occurred and there are many questionable comparisons between the two stories.  My version takes the commonalities of the various translations of the Cuneiform tablets available over the last 150 years or so and I’ve also taken the verse formats of these translations and re-written them in a story format.  Much of the book is also a collection of my conclusions, observations, proofs and opinion which intends to hopefully get the reader thinking.  I’m going to post the entire book on this site to be read by anyone with no conditions, but will also offer it as an eBook for a very small token price which will hopefully help fund other similar projects I have planned.  Anyway, stay tuned as this book should be posted in a month or so 🙂