This is the latest update regarding the release of my first book “The Atrahasis Deciphered”.  While the eBook and the printed version is now available at just about all eBook retailers, I’ve also released the whole book on this website divided into five easily digestible sections.  Just navigate to “The Atrahasis Deciphered” in the Ancient Beginning Articles menu above and you’ll notice that all five sub-sections are available in The Atrahasis Deciphered sub pull-down menu.  The book is a fully detailed translate of the ancient Atrahasis tablets which are on display at the London museum.  The ancient cuneiform tablets tell of the origin and creation of humans with the ancient epic ending in a giant flood.  Hmm… All to familiar you may think.  To add to interest, this ancient creation story was written thousands of years before the Genesis account and I’ve also added my various observations, questioning and elaborating where felt necessary in my detailed footnotes.  It’s not a long book, so reading the whole story with footnotes should take less than 2 hours.  At the bottom of each of the books sub-sections I’ve added some links to where you can purchase the eBook for literally a couple of dollar and the printed version will hopefully also be available in a week or two for a little more.  Any **nice** comment you wish to leave on any of the eBook sites will be greatly appreciated and please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries you may have, or, maybe add a comment under the eBook sub-section if you choose to read it online.  Click the link below to fast-track to the first part of the book: