The origin of the Shemitah (pronounced as shem-eater or shem-er-tar) can be traced back to the days of Moses in the Hebrew Bible.  When Moses was meeting with God on Mount Sinai he was instructed on the seventh Sabbath day (or Shabbat) where no work or trade was to be done as stated in the Ten moses with 10 comandmentsCommandments.  On one of his many meetings with God on Mount Sinai, Moses was also instructed to observe the seventh year as a year of rest.  This was mainly attributed as a year of faith and brings completion to the seven-year Hebrew agricultural cycle.  All debts to fellow Hebrews were to be remitted and reset.  The land was said to be in a state of rest, though crops that happened to grow wild on this uncultivated land could be harvested at need.  Observation and observance of this rule was seen as a test of religious faith and the observer was said to be more righteous.

In today’s world, and considering that the world of money moving, business and economics is bdesereted wheat fieldasically a Jewish controlled environment, it’s no surprise that the influence is still relevant in the Hebrew world today and affects everyone on the planet.  The end of the latest Shemitah year is scheduled after the Equinox, that being the 23rd of September 2015 this year.  At the end of the Shemitah year loans and debt between the Jewish communities reset as they prepare for their new seven year cycle.  Unfortunately for the rest of us we usually feel the brunt of their actions as markets go into chaos.  Don’t believe me?  See if you remember any of these Shemitah resets of the past :

2008 – Stock Market Crash
2001 – Stock Market Crash & 9-11
1994 – Bond Market Crash
1987 – Stock Market Crash
1980 – Hard Recession Begins
1973 – Oil Shock Crash

However… It gets even more interesting…

Of course, the Shemitah year is bad enough, but there’s more…  Every set of seven Shemitah years (which adds up to 49 years) is followed by what is called the “Jubilee year”, this being the 50th year to round off and end the seven Shemitah cycles.  This is considered by the Hebrew community as a more serious reset and not only do the standard Shemitah rules apply, but there’s a few more added for the Jubilee celebration.  On the year of the Jubilee, land and ownership rights seems to be mainly the focus. As written in Leviticus in the Torah and the Old Testament, slaves and prisoners were to be given their freedom and the debts of everyone, even non-Jews would be forgiven.  The main point though of this year seems to be the return of land and possessions back to the original owners.  Not a bad deal really if you’re on the receiving end.  And guess what?  I think you’ve probably worked it out by now…  After the 23rd of September we’re not only to be graced by a Shemitah year but have the added “bonus” (?) of a Jubilee year that falls between the Septembers of 2015 & 2016. Here’s what happened at the last two Jubilee years :

1965 – Was the last of the cycle of seven Shemitah years. The following year, being the Jubilee year, Jerusalem was liberated from the Arabs (or handed back to their original owners in Israelite eyes)

1916 – Going back further, 1916 was also the last of the seven Shemitah years, followed by the Jubilee year. This was where Jerusalem was liberated from the Turks (again, or handed back to their original owners).

So, the question this time is, who’s going to be liberated this time around seeing we’re about to come to dollar-Stock exchange buy sellthe end of another seventh Shemitah year, and, what can we be expecting at trading houses and the stock exchanges of the world?  I can tell you one thing’s for sure, the markets are looking a bit jumpy at the moment with nervous punters having their various exit strategies firmly in place, probably ready to hit the exit button in case anything drastic happens.  Unfortunately, the whole pending crash may become a self for-filling prophecy due to the expectations of these traders.

However… It gets even more interesting, and more serious…

The very first Jubilee year was 3,500 years ago when Joshua led the Israelites into their promised land and they “liberated” it from the Canaanites.  Okay, that’s ancient, religious history…  However, from that point the Hebrew nation was instructed to observe the 70th Jubilee year.  3,500 years in the future from this date ends up being again 23rd of September 2015, and this is really going to be a serious exchange of possessions and land!

What is said to happen is that after 70x Jubilee years the “planet” is handed back to its original owner! angel in crop fieldFrom a religious perspective, this also means that sinners have lost their opportunity to repent and the offer to receive eternal life has been revoked.  Does that mean that God is coming back to claim his planet?  Or does that mean that there’s a serious reset of everything and you really can chop up your credit cards and owe nothing to anyone?  If the Annunaki aliens were the creators of the human race, does that mean they’re coming back to re-recruit us as a slave race?  I’m not sure what to expect and from the “doom and gloom” I’ve been reading on various Internet sites, nor does anyone else.  Though the “doom and gloom” sites do seem to be pointing to it being the closing point of humanity, return of Jesus, Armageddon and as sung by R.E.M. “it’s the end of the world as we know it”!  No wonder the traders are nervous, at least this is the final surprise…. Or is it?

There’s more…

Okay… So if the end of the world isn’t enough to worry about there’s even more excitement to make your day.

There’s a “Blood Moon” about to occur just after the equinox and not just any blood moon, this one is a “Super Blood Moon”!

When the Earth eclipses the moon leaving it in darkness, also known as a total lunar eclipse or if there’s a set of four in a row it’s called a “Lunar Tetrad”.  These are extremely rare occurrences and only a few happen every decade.  We’ve already experience 3 over the past six months or so and the final one to the set, being the fourth one, is to occur on the 28th of September 2015.  This last one is commonly known as a “super blood moon”. The reason it’s known as a blood moon is because as its eclipsing the moon still receives it’s illuminating light from the sun, however, as the sun’s light has to travel through the earth’s atmosphere before it reaches it, it causes the moon to be lit with a red tinge, sort-of like how the horizon looks red at sunset.

The Hebrew belief is, if the four eclipses occur on or near any of their important festivals, this is an omen lunar-eclipse blood moonthat it’s the “end of days” according to biblical prophecy. Okay, how does that affect us in 2015?  Well, two of the set of four eclipses occurred in April in 2014 and 2015 at the same time as the Jewish Passover. The other two which one was on October 7th 2014 and the last “Super Blood Moon” is due on September 28th 2015 which was, and again is, during the Jewish “Feast of Tabernacles”.  This according to the Jewish and Christian belief is a sign of the return of God and the end of times according to scripture.

So… September seems like it’s to be a busy month.  Lots of exciting things about to happen with many people either waiting for the crash of the world economy system, return of God, Annunaki or an alien invasion.  So maybe buy your canned food now and stock up on batteries 🙂

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