About Me, How to Contact Me & Meeting up at a Meetup

Hi 🙂 I’m Steven Q and this is my personal website I’ve put together to share my current interests and activities. My main focus is on the origins of the human race and how it all began drawn from my belief that the human race was originally created and/or modified by many beings over many a millennia and our current human state was not just due to evolutionary means. My intention is to share my thoughts and theories through this website and I invite opinion, comments and constructive input.

As mentioned, I’m really interested in ancient or per-historic sites you may know of. If you’ve inadvertently while camping stumbled on a strange rock formation that looks like an ancient god or alien. Hey! Let me know 🙂 Or, you have witness to strange phenomenon or have maybe seen strange lights over the Adelaide gulf every night at 2:07AM, Cool! Please let me know so I can see it too 🙂 Also, If you’ve got any thoughts or ideas please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you and you can either leave a comment at the bottom of this page or email me direct at stevenq7@rocketmail.com.

If you live in the Adelaide area… It gets better 🙂  I happen to be the organizer of two very active meetup groups in the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia.  So, if you’re local and either have an interest in our ancient origins or unexplained phenomenon like UFOs, Ghosties, etc. why don’t you check out our meetup sites below?  At meetups we actually “meet” and generally chit-chat, discuss and debate various aspects of the groups subjects.  Here we can share our researched and new found knowledge and experiences with other members.  It’s really great to get friendly information on what books to read, videos to watch and what websites to visit.

Here’s the links to the sites below, just click on the red box that says “Check out this Meetup Group” to access either group’s main page.

The Adelaide Hills Ancient Aliens & Human Origins Meetup

Mount Barker, AU
45 Ancient Investigators

Human Ancient Origins & Beginnings and the Civilizations before us.As the creator of the X-Group over 10 years ago, I started developing an extreme interest in our human orig…

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The Adelaide Hills X Group (Paranormal & Unexplained)

Mount Barker, AU
64 “X Groupers”

The original idea behind this group was to bring together people with similar belief systems, experiences, interests and theories in Paranormal, Extraterrestrial, Ufology & Ot…

Next Meetup

Adelaide Hills X Group ‘September’­­­­­­­­­­ Meetup – Happy …

Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017, 7:00 PM
12 Attending

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How This Website is Organized


When clicking on the Home Page, you’ll be confronted by the title photo with the webpage identity in a banner that’s plonked in the middle of the title photo.  The Home page starts up with the first menu “WHAT’S NEW!” which continuously changes as I post new updates to it. This is usually after I’ve written a new article and it poses as a sort-of introduction to it, usually with a direct link to mentioned article.


Second menu tag across, you’ll find the articles I’ve written which relate to our ancient past. It’s a pull-down menu and each of the articles can be read by clicking on the title in this menu.  Some of the titles may contain an article that’s segmented into parts, or, there maybe a specific topic listed that’s partitioned into sub-topics.


Third menu tag along is where you’ll find articles relating to my thoughts,  feelings and theories that I may consider to not really be related to our ancient beginnings.  While these articles are more general and may cover many diverse topics there still may be areas that link or relate to ancient and pre-historical events or subjects.


The forth Recommendations menu is where I share information I think is worthwhile knowing.  All the books that are listed I’ve read and include why I recommend reading them, all the videos I’ve watched and I supply a brief explanation on why you should put aside an hour or so to watch.  Many of the videos may be on YouTube or other video sites, some may need to be purchased or streamed from your desired video streamer.  I also supply web links with as detailed as I deem necessary to what they’re about and also why I recommend them.


And here, we come back to where you are now, having done full circle of the menus.  You’ll notice that this section is sub-divided into different sub-sections and I may expand on them in the future by adding more.  Till then, I figure that this should suffice for now and if you have any recommendations or comments please feel free to contact me, either by email or in one of the comment boxes.