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Welcome to the Launch of My Personal Website :-)

Greetings Person Who’s Reading This 🙂

It’s the first day of September 2015 and I’m typing this as a sort-of update introduction on what’s been posted on my shiny new website.  At the moment there’s only two articles I’ve added, however, basic as they are I’m sure you’ll still find them interesting.  The first one I’ve added was an article on the “Gympie Pyramid” that Lady Q and myself were fortunate to have visited while we were in Queensland for the Nexus conference in August this year.  Both the conference and the pyramid were quite exhilarating experiences and I must say and we walked away with our heads full of interesting memories from both.  Anyway, have a look at the article, it’s listed under the “ANCIENT BEGINNINGS” pull down menu as I figured the topic of a Gympie Pyramid was more relevant to this category.  The more recent article on the Shemitah is also under this menu as its origin dates back to around 1,500 BC, so its roots are also from the times of antiquity.  The Shemitah alone is a topic worth discussing, however, read it and you’ll soon understand that there may be interesting times ahead, if not right around the corner.

This message wouldn’t be complete without a plug for my Meetup groups, so if this sort of stuff intrigues and interest you and you want to meet other crazy people that either have an interest in our ancient origins or the type of stuff that’s generally not discussed at your church study group.   Check these two groups out by clicking on the “Check out this Meetup Group” in the “red boxes” on the Meetup sites listed below.  Also, if you want to contact me with any info around South Australia, feel free to send me a quick message at : for an email chat 🙂

Anyway, this site is still in its early days but I hope to add lots of interesting articles in the future to help people think and demonstrate how interesting and exciting the world we live in is 🙂

The Adelaide Hills Ancient Aliens & Human Origins Meetup

Mount Barker, AU
35 Ancient Investigators

Human Ancient Origins & Beginnings and the Civilizations before us.This is a group for those who have a specific interest in ancient human civilizations and human origins. Th…

Check out this Meetup Group →

The Adelaide Hills X Group (Paranormal & Unexplained)

Mount Barker, AU
45 “X Groupers”

The idea behind this group was to bring together people with similar belief systems, experiences, interests and theories in Paranormal, Extraterrestrial, Ufology & Other Unexp…

Check out this Meetup Group →



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